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Perfect Fractals Album

Genre(s): Post-rock, Post-metal, ambient shoegaze, instrumental, avantgarde

It is as if the world is made on a Fractal, that infinity is the simplest and most comprehensible aspect of it.

Download a .zip file including all tracks, art covers and the booklet.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Fractals Album”

  1. I’ve just heard of you today and listened to Perfect Fractals and the album is fantastic… well done!!
    I hope one day you will consider releasing on vinyl so I can treasure it forever

    1. hey martin! thank you for listening and your comment.
      i hope someday, now we are unable doing that due to circumstance for Iranian artist collaborating to labels worldwide. thanks and regards.

  2. بسیار البوم تحسین برانگیزی ساختید دقت شما در کارهاتون نشانه عشق و علاقتون به موسیقی هست ایزد مهربان حافظ و نگه دار شما ?

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