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Story of Us

We Are the PerfectParadox.
the most Perfect Paradox Worth Hearing.

and this is how PerfectParadox was Born…

March 27, 2020

PerfectParadox was born!

the very first Single track named “Passing Time” was released as a beginning for our Journey.

April 2020 - now

we are working on our Debut Album and we are looking forward to release it before 2021.

our debut album is a story, story of man, feelings and Thoughts.

genres include Post-rock, Post-Metal, Experimental, Ambient & Shoegaze.

april 12, 2021

“Perfect Fractals” is out!

Our very first album is out today, it contains 7 tracks… this is a big step for us.

It is as if the world is made on a Fractal, that infinity is the simplest and most comprehensible aspect of it.

February 2022 - 2024


A Pathway to Finding One’s True Self.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Dark Ambient, Post-Rock

Struggling with band issues and member replacements.

May 2024 - Now

“Stargazer” is out!

“Stargazer” is a person who likes watching the night sky and stars.
Let’s sit and watch the stars together.

After a long break and struggling with problems, we come back with this piece and continue our journey stronger than before.


Now we are preparing for live stage performance and working on upcoming tracks.


meet the artists

our band

Jason owens

Guitar / Vocal

Jason owens

Guitar / Vocal

Jason owens

Guitar / Vocal

Jason owens

Guitar / Vocal